Mmmm It Smells Like Chocolate!

As my first recipe, I am going to indulge you in one of my all time favorites. Chocolate cupcakes. There is nothing better in the world than a moist, rich and delectable well made chocolate cake.

chocolate cupcakes

So why cupcakes? Here is why: in situations where you are not feeling the need to decorate your chocolate cake and then cut out a portion to each one of your guests and family… the answer is cupcakes. They’re easy and fast to bake, they keep everyone happy because they all get the same amount and your everyone will be able to pick out their own!

Now there is an infinite amount of chocolate cupcakes recipes out there. I myself, have tried tons of recipes. But for cupcakes this one turned out to be the best so far.

You can find this delicious recipe and really helpful tips in the following site MarinMamaCooks

Now this recipe is meant for chocolate cake… but no problem! Just put some baking cups into a cupcake baking pan and pour the batter into each one. Now to get the same amount in each cup a lot of people use an ice cream scoop. Which works just fine don’t get me wrong. However, you’ll find this recipe to be quite liquid, so instead I use a Cake Batter Dispenser with a measuring label. You can get one of this easily through Amazon for less than $10! Now that’s a deal. Plus you can also use this device for pancake batter : )

One more thing. The original recipe calls for cream cheese frosting to top the cake. Which is a good combo, but I find this recipe much too delicious on its own. So instead (as you can see in the picture) I topped the cupcake with a caramelized nut! You can use any nut you’d like, for example pecans, almonds, whatever you’d like really. Now I took the easy way to caramelize mine, I didn’t use the pan along with brown sugar like you would usually caramelize something. Instead I took some salted caramel treats, melted them in the microwave for about 20 seconds and dipped the nut and voila! It adds a nice and glamorous touch to your cupcake without putting too much on top : )

Hope you enjoyed this recipe!


2 thoughts on “Mmmm It Smells Like Chocolate!

  1. mmmmm… que delicia de idea :) y que fantastico y creativo blog ;) FELICITACIONES…. ansioso de leer mas recetas con tu toque unico y especial… muaaaaaa Te Amo mi hermosa y preciosa pulgui ;)


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